Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Celebrating Love...

Here's a peek at our Valentine's week.

To sum it up, the kids were spoiled rotten by their Grandpas and Grandmas!
Chloe also hosted a preschool party, which she's still talking about!

Hope you all had a love-filled Valentine's too!


stephschmidt said...

You're such a cute mom! You do such fun things with your little ones. They're very lucky you're theirs :) Happy Valentines!

Cumorah said...

So cute! I love the hearts dangling over the table. Totally going to steal that for next year!

Mama Jill and Papa Roy said...

Absolutely wonderful! They both look so happy! Love every single picture. Love Chloe's preschool picture too - adorable. I love the dangling hearts too. You ARE such a cute mom!

We love you!

Mama/Gma & Papa/Gpa

Wendy said...

You're so cute! You do such fun things with your kids. I didn't do anything for Valentines this year. Glad you guys had a fun celebration.