Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here's a glimpse of our summer.

We've taken lots of evening strolls around the block...Photobucket

Stopping to smell the flowers, of course...Photobucket

We've swung at the park...Photobucket


Well, some of us have swung while others have simply watched on...Photobucket

We've played on the banzai slide at Celestia's house...Photobucket


Helped Mommy out with various "Mommy" tasks... Photobucket

And made plenty of mischief too (as if THIS and THIS wasn't enough)...Photobucket
"What? Jello can't be so bad to clean up, Mom!"

At least he's showing a little remorse in this one.

We've built a shed...Photobucket

Well, started one anyway. All that's left now is paint and a door! Good job, Neil! You're amazing!

Made some jam...jam

Rearranged a certain little Princess' bedroom...Photobucket

Received loves from Grandma Jill
(and plenty of others during our 4th of July Utah trip ...still need to post about that...)

And just sorta played around...Photobucket

Most recently, we've started swim lessons... Photobucket






And, obviously, had the time of our lives!


It's been a fun and full summer, as you can see! Wow, I'm tired now.



Coates Family said...

Ya'll make cute babies Valeri. Hope your summer continues to be great!


The Mason's said...

Such great pictures. You're amazing at that! What a great way to remember these special times in our lives!

Bre said...

What great pics! Your kids will treasure them.

Rebekah said...

love it!!! your little guy is getting so big and chloe is just a doll!!! what a great summer!!!! thanks for sharing the pictures!

Brad and Courtney said...

Love the swimmie Chloe's wearing while playing on the banzai slide at Celestia's house!

Kelly Stoddart said...

You are so talented with your photographs. I wish that I could take pictures like you!

stephschmidt said...

What a fun summer! We start swim lessons on Monday - we can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your pictures!!! You are quite the talented photographer! What a wonderful talent to have. I could look at your pics forever ;)

Mrs. P said...

Lovin' the photos. SO impressed.

I'm editing right now and I love your blog 'cause of the music. Excellent for editing a wedding...

Lizzie said...

what a great post :) stunning pictures to go along with your fun summer memories. have a wonderful week!

paulak said...

What a great summer...and great pics. I miss you...wish we lived are so fun to hang around. Hey...coming to Denver, would love to see you. Zander and I are flying out the 2nd of September for his birthparents wedding. Are you around?

Wendy said...

Don't ask me how I missed this post but I did. I'm glad I decided to scroll down your blog tonight. I love this post!