Friday, March 13, 2009

I sure do like a good deal...

I've been getting notices in the mail from the Disney Movie Club for years, but have always tossed them straight into the trash thinking, "A movie for a buck? Right..." Well, a couple months ago I was talking to a friend who happened to be a member. After picking her brain a bit, I decided to investigate further. After reading every bit of fine print on my most recent mailing, perusing their website and even talking to a representative on the phone, I decided that this truly was an awesome deal. Chloe loves Disney movies, and I if I'm going to be buying them anyway, why not pay less?

Anyone want to guess what I paid for these?


Out the door: $21.90.

Here's how it works. You register, choose four movies for $.25 each, and are then obligated to purchase four more at full price over the next two years. So after choosing my first four for $.25 each, they offered an additional movie for $8.95 - a steal when I'd otherwise be paying $20+! What's even better is that this fifth movie went toward one of the four required purchases! And when they then offered me a sixth movie for only $11.95 (this is all free shipping, by the way), I figured hey, why not? Even THAT is a steal! So again, $21.90 for these 6 movies, which I otherwise would have paid for ONE at a local store. And all that's required of me over the next two years is to purchase three more at full price.

Just to feel out every possible catch that still may have existed, I asked two questions. First, what's "full price" considered? Once you've agreed to be a member, do they shoot their prices way up to make their money? And second, what are shipping costs? The lady I spoke with said the movies generally range from $19.99-$29.99 (average - especially for Disney movies), but that they often have specials, especially when something is newly released or when they offer a "double feature" (two movies for the price of one). And as far as the shipping is concerned, standard is $3.95, but once again, during special deals, it's often free.

I suppose there is a "catch", but only if you don't keep on top of things. Each month they mail you a "feature film". If you fail to respond by mailing it back within a certain time period, they automatically charge your credit card. My friend told me that they send you an email prior to shipping it, however, at which time you can tell them you're not interested and they won't send it at all. Simple really, if you stay on top of it.

Even if I pay full price plus shipping for three more movies, I still, as a whole, will have saved a ton of money. No brainer! I'm sure I'll end up buying more movies than I otherwise would have over the next two years (that is, if they keep offering me too good to pass up deals like six movies for the price of one). So I suppose that's how they'll "get me" in the end. But I'd rather my children watch decent wholesome Disney movies than the garbage on television, which is only bound to get worse!


Anonymous said...

Wow what a steal!! That is so great! I'll have to look into it!

Dan and Stef said...

Hmmm... I might have to try this too. Dan and I love Disney/Pixar movies and I'm sure Logan will too!

Anonymous said...

Just have to tell you I LOVE your playlist!! I have been checking all my online stuff and I just leave your blog open and enjoy your it!

Wendy said...

We actually signed up for this while I was pregnant and have accumulated a lot of great Disney movies because of it. I love it and I'm glad you are, too!

Camille said...

What is the selection like? We have most of the new movies already. Do they have every Disney movie that ever was made available?

stephschmidt said...

Sounds like a great deal! I love Disney movies!