Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Visit with Santa

Well, she didn't cry this year! In fact, she continuously repeated "Santa come!" and "Santa lap!" throughout the afternoon and evening leading up to their visit. As we stood in line waiting to finally see him, I pointed out as many other kids sitting on his lap as possible, so she'd be that much more comfortable with the idea and less likely to back out at the last minute. When it was finally her turn she couldn't have been more ready! That little girl marched right up to Santa with no fear or hesitation and put her arms up in the air waiting for him to pick her up. Despite her eagerness, however, once she was plopped on his lap, she immediately got in a zone, expressionless, and silent. When Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas, her response was a blank stare. It was so funny considering moments earlier when she was giddy and excited as ever. I suppose the important thing is that she didn't scream bloody murder like last year, or have an explosion in her diaper like she did the previous year (gotta love those newborn blowouts).

Maybe next year Santa will get something in return for a change!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, precious little thing. I can just see her in her own little zone thinking, "So, this is the Santa I've been talking about all day???" ....or whatever she WAS thinking. Whatever it was, it was precious. Cute pictures! As usual, I want to grab her right out of the screen - hard not to.

Did you and your little helper get all your deliveries done?

Love you all so much!