Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm back!

Neil had "Three month school" in Orange County, CA last week (a follow-up on his IN training last April). Chloe and I decided it would be a more enjoyable week if spent in Salt Lake with my family than at home by ourselves. So all three of us (Neil, Chloe and I) packed our bags Monday morning and headed to DIA. Our flights left and returned within minutes of each other's, which made that portion of our travels very convenient!

The week flew by in a flash, but happy memories were created and will be remembered forever. Some of the hi-lights included Mom's ham and asparagus crepes, sushi with my brother, getting the Christmas tree up (courtesy of "Pompa" and Chloe), a trip to IKEA, Hires hamburgers, an afternoon with Wendy, lunch with my uncle and all my wonderful aunts (including my newest aunt, Diane!), an evening with my 91-year-old grandmother, late-into-the-night conversations with Dad and Mom, a crisp evening walk through Temple Square to see the Christmas lights, Cafe Rio (I tell ya, if they opened one here in CO, Neil and I alone would keep them in business), Grandma's apple pie, and to top it all off, a fresh blanket of snow on the ground to compliment the Christmas lights my dad so lovingly hung in time for our arrival.

We got home late Friday night and are slowly adjusting back to normal life. I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend, just the three of us, but since we've been home it's been non-stop go go go again! I did manage to finish all six loads of laundry yesterday. That was quite an accomplishment! If only there were such thing as a post-vacation vacation!

Chloe on the airplane - quite the adventure!!

Enjoying some Ahh Sushi with my favorite brother

Chloe with second-cousin, Chase (they are 16 days apart)

Chloe with her great-aunt Valeri, whom I was named after

Playing on the bed with "Mama" Jill

Chloe with "Pompa" Roy at his Bible study

Chloe "helping" trim the tree

Chloe visiting great-grandma Martha

All bundled up at Temple Square

Oh, if you're wondering where that lovely bruise between Chloe's eyes came from, she fell off the couch last Sunday and hit the coffee table on her way down. Great timing for our trip. I was getting looks at the airport Monday.


Anonymous said...

I've looked at this a hundred times and each time it's all like magic. Your writing is so descriptive - if I hadn't been here I'd have felt like I was from your writing alone. It was a whirlwind week which, as you say, will be remembered forever. How "Pompa", David and I loved having you and Chloe here, and we only wish Neil could have come too. The new picture of the temple you just added is absolutely breathtaking! SO happy, SO grateful that you have this blog.

Love love love,
Mama Jill

(Glad you got all six loads of laundry done. Thanks again for folding our clothes, and for the great Valeri spaghetti!)

Becca said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Visiting with family is so great. It adds a different feeling to the holiday season, dont you think?