Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh, to be a kid again!

Whether you've been there yourself, or just witnessed your child, I think we can all relate in one way or another!

Looks like Santa could use a haircut... or a bigger head!

Wow! He was even scary back then?

I don't think mom intended to be in this picture.

This guy doesn't even look like Santa! And what is he starring at anyway?

Where did Billy go?

What is this dude's deal? He's probably using the Santa suit as a disguise. That look in his eyes just screams serial killer.

Looks like this Santa had a few too many drinks before his 3:00 shift.

Can we say hypnotized? Creepy.

This one's my favorite. Between the excessive eye make-up and the look of horror on this poor kid's face, it's just priceless!

Holy cow! This one's the scariest by far! He must be Serial killer Santa's accomplice. Or maybe he's just an angry elf dressed in a Santa costume. Kinda has that look about him.

And last but not least - my sweet (and terrified) Chloe! Clearly she wasn't fond of Santa last year, and because her picture blended so well with the rest of these, I couldn't help but throw it in. We'll see how she does Friday when she and Santa meet again!


Dayna said...

holy cow, I laughed so hard looking through all of these. So funny, I think I need to copy some of my favorites over to my blog. where did you find all of these?

Valeri said...

Copy away! I got most of the pictures from an email my cousin Wendy sent me - I'll forward it to you. A few of them I got off the internet (drunk Santa, and a couple others). Glad you had a good laugh! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh all those poor kids! So hilarious! Can't stop laughing. The last one's my favorite. She can't get away fast enough, darling girl :).


Love you!

Mamamanya said...

Hilarious is all I can say!!! Thanks for a good laugh!

Paula said...

That is great. Why is Santa so scary, if we sat our kids on a friends lap, do you think they would really be scared or is it just the beard and costume? Great post!