Friday, November 16, 2007


Exactly two years ago today at this very time, Neil, who was only hours away from becoming a father, took this picture.

It was six days prior to my due date. My doctor was preparing for a week-long hunting trip, and I was fearful I might go into labor before he returned. I was also miserable, naturally, and so when he offered to induce me early I jumped on it!

So many emotions were racing through my mind during the time of this picture. I was anxious to get the induction process started, terrified of all the potential unknowns, giddy at the thought of finally meeting the little wiggle worm I'd been carrying for nine months, overjoyed at knowing I was about to be a mom, ready to have my body back, and yet somehow sad at the same time that my pregnancy was rapidly coming to an end.

Along with marriage, motherhood has been the greatest and most challenging blessing in my life. And I just couldn't help but express some of the feelings I'm having today, as exactly two years ago, this new and unfamiliar stage marked its beginning.

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Anonymous said...

Oh you were a gorgeous, radiant mother-to-be, and just as gorgeous and radiant a mom! How blessed all three of you are - Neil, Chloe and you!

Mama Jill