Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gratitude Day 7

First off, Days 3-6 are in the making, and will be posted shortly.  They've each been written, but need pictures to accompany.

Today (Day 7) I am grateful for:

1) A gentle, understanding, and knowledgeable dentist, who happens to be a 49ers fan, too!  

2) A father, mother, and mother-in-law, whose wise and hopeful counsel provides peace to my discouraged heart.

3) Kind and giving children, who think of others and not just themselves.  Today Ryan took it upon himself to select from a vast supply of Halloween candy, 2 Hershey's bars, 2 suckers, and 2 even-numbered snack-sized baggies full of m&m's, to give to his preschool teachers, Miss Rachael and Miss Merin.  Planned and executed by Ryan, 100%.  Sweet boy.  And a couple weeks ago, Chloe, out of the blue, decided to sew a doll blanket and pillow for her teacher's daughter, who is Ryan's age.  Mrs. Winston pulled me aside the day after Chloe had delivered the treasures, letting me know that her daughter would not go anywhere without that blanket and pillow and that Chloe's thoughtful act of kindness meant so much to both her and her daughter.  In Mrs. Winston's words, "I appreciate Chloe's giving heart."  Sweet girl.

4) A phone call, first, from my mother-in-law, requesting to talk to Ryan to wish him a happy birthday, followed by a phone call from my mom, calling to tell me Ryan's birthday card will not be getting to him in time for his birthday tomorrow.  Clearly, both Mama Susie and Mama Jill weren't quite on a ball today, as Ryan's birthday is neither today OR tomorrow, but FRIDAY.  I gave both of them a hard time but quickly assured them that they weren't the only ones who had gotten it wrong.  My mom explained that she thought today was Thursday, and knew Ryan's birthday was Friday, the 9th.  I believe her.  She is crazy with remembering special dates like I am.  I love these two women in my life, and am honored to call them each "mom," even if they do get mixed up with their favorite grandson's birthday.

5) Clean sheets, which I am on my way to bed to enjoy.  'Night!

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