Monday, November 12, 2012

Gratitude Day 12

I realize I'm missing a lot of days here.  It's because I have pictures and/or more in-depth explanations I want to include in those posts.  I have an ongoing draft with all the days you don't see published yet, and promise to share them all soon.  :)

Here are the things I'm grateful for today:

1) No school!!

2) Chloe's blessing on breakfast, and the remarks which followed:

"I like saying 'Our dear, kind, and gracious Heavenly Father' [when beginning a prayer].  Is that more polite than saying 'Our Father in Heaven?' Or 'Dear Heavenly Father?'"
"I think they all have a similar message, Chloe.  Any one of those is a beautiful choice."
Chloe: "Hey, and they're all synonyms!" :)

3) C.S. Lewis' wise words.  The combination of truth and eloquence with which he speaks is inspiring.  I am comforted every time I read his writings, and can't wait to 
hug him in Heaven some day.

4) A play date at the park with one of Chloe's classmates, her younger brother, who is a month and a half younger than Ryan, and their parents, with whom I instantly felt a connection.  Great, great people.  Both doctors, which at first intimidated me, but then quickly dissolved.  It's always fun making new friends.

5) These two monkeys:

And yes, Chloe has a shirt on her head and Ryan is wearing nothing but underwear and a cape.

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