Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chloe's 1st piano recital

Chloe asked for months to take piano lessons.  We finally signed her up in March, and she has been thriving.  My brother, as a birthday present to Chloe, is paying for a full year's tuition.  Neil and I are still so incredibly touched by his act of kindness, and cannot thank him enough.  As a musician himself, he has seen Chloe's longing and desire to learn piano, so it truly was an inspired gift, and one we will treasure always.

Here's our girl at her first piano lesson on March 5th.  Her teacher lives half a mile away, so it's been very convenient.  Love this lady.  She is a dear friend of mine, whom you met here.

Chloe's first recital was last Saturday, the 12th. She was the first to perform and did an awesome job!
The above right photo was taken near the end of the recital.  I love how Chloe's holding Ryan's hand.  I wish they were always this sweet with one another.

Here's a video of each piece she played...

You can't hear her because she was speaking so softly, but she said, "My name is Chloe Andersen and I've been playing the piano since March.  I would like to play 'Morning Prayer.'"
"I will now play 'Sunshine.'"

Students and teacher!

And here we are!  The blue theme is simply a coincidence, or a happy accident, if you will.  I don't generally go to the trouble of color coordinating the four of us.  This just goes to show that sometimes lack of planning can be in one's favor!

It has been wonderful finally making regular use of our piano these recent months.  I have been learning right along with Chloe, and I think we'd agree it's been a fulfilling and bonding experience for both of us.  She is catching on so quickly, and even faster, at times, than I am.  In fact, about a month back I was correcting her on something only to realize she had it right and I had it wrong!  Hello!?  She ate that up, and rightfully so!  I am so grateful she has a love for music, a natural ear, and a desire to cultivate this great talent which she has so quickly grasped.  She will not be sorry. 


Wendy said...

Great job, Chloe! We are so proud of you!

Uncle D said...

You are so right, Valeri! That's a beautiful picture of you four. The blue was workin'!