Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kindergarten Orientation

Kindergarten Orientation took place August 8th, two days before Chloe's first day of school.  It was a nice opportunity for us to meet her teacher, Ms. Huff, see her classroom, and explore the school grounds with Chloe before the big first day.  It was a surreal experience, I'll admit, but helped the reality of what was happening sink in with greater ease.  And yes, of course I took pictures!

Chloe following the Cougar paws to the cafeteria.

Getting familiar with the playground.

School cafeteria.  Cutest little Cougar I ever did see.  And how ironic - blue and white?!  Neil was pleased.

Sitting at her spot, oh so ready to learn!

Enjoying some ice cream to finish things off.

First day of school photos coming VERY soon!