Friday, September 2, 2011

An extraordinary moment on an ordinary day

You may recall this post wherein I shared this quote by Hilary Weeks: "Extraordinary moments can happen in the middle of ordinary days."  This morning I had one of those moments. 

It all started as Chloe and I were heading out the door.  Suddenly, she gasped, froze in her tracks, put her hand over her mouth and pointed to the window.

"Look, Mom!  Look!  LOOK!!!" 

"Cool!  It's a hot air balloon!"

"Can I go outside and see it?  Please, Mommy!  Pleaaaaase!"

"No, Chloe, we need to go!  But you'll be able to see it while we're driving, probably even better than if you stood outside!"

"Okay!" she said, dashing to the car in record-breaking time.

Upon leaving our cul-de-sac, Chloe instantly spotted the balloon, which was now straight ahead of us, and proceeded to follow its location all the while jumping around in her seat, shrilling with joy and clapping her hands.  About a mile into the drive, Chloe discovered two more balloons, over which she became equally ecstatic.  Never have I seen a child show the level of exuberance, wonder and awe over a man-made device that Chloe demonstrated this morning.  She was practically in tears.  When we made our final turn onto Murphy Road towards the school, we noticed that the most colorful balloon of the bunch was now within a few hundred feet of us and very low to the ground.  Chloe's school is surrounded by orchards so you can imagine the glorious sight of this vibrant and gigantic balloon aircraft practically skimming the tops of these luscious trees right next to us.  It was incredible.  When we got to school and I pointed out the balloon one last time, which we could barely see now from the playground, I kissed Chloe goodbye and watched her skip away.

It was pretty awesome being in the right place at the right time.  It was even more awesome witnessing Chloe's reaction to it.  Such a simple thing it was, but such astounding joy it brought her, and, as a result, me.   

I think I just might like hot air balloons more today than I did yesterday.

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Shauna_Rae said...

Love it! It is so true what you added at the end about her joy creating your joy. I love being a mom because it seems like my kids are ALWAYS excited and pointing out something that I would have missed otherwise.