Monday, June 27, 2011

Bedtime with Chloe

Last night as I was tucking Chloe into bed we had the following conversation:

Chloe: "Mommy, do you wish you had a third child?"

Me: "Well, sure!  I'd love to have another baby someday.  But it's not entirely up to me."

Chloe: "It's up to Daddy?"

Me: "Well, he has some say, sure!  But it's ultimately up to Heavenly Father and whether or not he feels like we need another baby in our family."

Chloe (after some contemplation): "What if Heavenly Father thought you should have eight kids?"

Me: "Well, that would be news to me!"

Chloe (now giggling): "What if Heavenly Father thought you should have a hundred kids?"

{slight pause}

Chloe: "Then we'd have to buy a lot of cereal, wouldn't we?"

As if cereal would be at the top of our list of concerns with one hundred children!

While this post is neither an announcement or a foreshadow of upcoming events, I will have to say that Chloe would make a wonderful big sister.  Within recent weeks she's started to show an increased level of maturity and understanding that I've never seen before.  Now combine that with her already nurturing instincts, and I'm convinced she'd be of great help to me with a new baby in the house.  Guess for the time being she'll just have to continue practicing on her dolls and brother when he'll let her.


Courtney said...

So sweet! It's so funny to get a peak into their little minds.

paulak said...

Ya...Kya is very nurturing...with animals. Not so big on babies. But she does boss Zander around a lot. Haha...that's a cute conversation.