Friday, April 8, 2011

Going to time out, literally

In exactly 2 hours I will be headed to Fresno for 24 hours of spiritual bliss.  My sweet friends, Tina and Brittany invited me to go with them to Time Out For Women, a program our church offers across the country as well as New Zealand and Australia throughout each year.  Click on the link above to read all about it.

I am grateful Neil is supportive of me leaving him and the kids for a day and a half to go enjoy some "me" time.  And at this very moment I am especially grateful to my friend Shelly, who is taking my kids for the afternoon on very little notice thanks to Neil getting called to a case in Roseville last minute.  Don't these things always happen?  I am really looking forward to this chance to be spiritually fed, recharge my batteries and be reminded of my divinity, worth and purpose. 


mistyb said...

so excited for you!! Have a fabulous time!

Rebekah said...

so jealous!!!! have a GREAT time!!!

Tami said...

So jealous! Wish i were coming! Have so much fun!!:)