Saturday, March 5, 2011


As gross or unexciting as this may be for the majority of you, I feel accomplished and need to document it.  So I'm going to.  Maybe Ryan will thank me some day.  Or maybe he's like most of you and really won't care.  Either way, the boy made serious progress with potty training today!  We have been working with him for a solid month now, never pushing but always encouraging.  It's harder this time around since I'm on more of a set schedule than I was when I just had Chloe.  The one advantage I've had is that Ryan has had an older sibling to watch and learn from, whereas Chloe did not.  So, onto the progress!  Yesterday Ryan came racing into my room just after 6am announcing he needed to pee.  I was surprised he didn't just go seeing that he was wearing a diaper, but wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity.  So I jumped out of bed and rushed him to the toilet where he successfully did his thing.  He wore underwear for next few hours until playgroup.  I wasn't about to ask my friend, Tina, who hosted, to, along with keeping an eye on 7 other children, take responsibility for my son's potty training.  When he got home, however, off came the diaper and on went the underwear.  Unfortunately we had a few accidents and, like every other day thus far, I began to wonder when he'd just get it.

This morning he came in around 7am telling me he was poopy.  After changing his diaper he grabbed a pair of underwear and asked to put them on.  Well, guess what?  He wore that same pair of underwear the ENTIRE rest of the day!  Guess why?  Because he didn't have A SINGLE ACCIDENT!!!  He made it to the potty EVERY TIME!  We even took a 2 hour outing to the park for a picnic this afternoon.  I asked him several times if he needed to go, if nothing else, to remind him that he wasn't wearing a diaper.  Then when we got home he played outside with Chloe and some neighborhood kids.  Even amidst all the excitement, he stopped playing and ran into the house when he needed to go.  I was so proud of him.  When it was time for bed I stuck a diaper on him.  Maybe I should have just kept his underwear on to see what happened in the night.  I guess I'm just not quite ready for that.  I'm still debating whether or not to go buy a package of pull ups to use just at night as we make this transition.  To me, though, it seems pull ups enable kids to go.  I wasn't a fan of them with Chloe and didn't even go through an entire package before she was fully potty trained.  I think I'll see how tomorrow goes and then decide if he's ready to try wearing underwear at night. 

Anyway, not 10 minutes after putting his diaper on he ran in to announce he was pooping.  I was so disappointed and immediately rushed him to the bathroom.  He had, sure enough, started to go in his diaper so I cleaned him up and then sat him on his potty.  Luckily he still had some left and ended up pooping in his potty for the first time ever.  I was so excited I almost cried.  How lame am I?  The things we moms get excited over!  It's sad, I tell you. 

I am just thrilled with Ryan's progress today.  I have no idea how tomorrow will go, but I am hopeful.  I am even planning to attempt no diapers at church.  An extra pair of clothes, yes, but no diapers.  I am crossing my fingers that the end is in sight.  Way to go, little man!

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