Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 28: Just another lazy Monday

Unlike many people, I look forward to Mondays.  They tend to be the most relaxing of my week days as I rarely have any schedule or commitments.  Plus, being the start of a new week, I tend to feel more energized and productive.  Last Monday was particularly low key, as Chloe was still not feeling well and Ryan and I were hard at work potty training.  At one point I noticed the kids playing quietly in the front room.  The sun was shining through the window and it just seemed like the perfect moment to grab the camera.  So I did.

Whew, I made it through all 28 days!  Sure, I fell behind near the end.  But I caught up and finished, and it feels good.  I met my goals of increasing my blogging activity and picking up my camera to snap more of the little things.  It was a great experience and one I hope I can find the time to do again.

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