Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A "dance" down memory lane...

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of taking my Chloebug on a date to see the Nutcracker Suite performed by Vacaville Ballet, the very company I danced with until 2001.  To say it was a special day would be an understatement.  It was one beautiful dance down memory lane!  Being back in Vacaville, seeing my old instructors who I hadn't seen since I left the company, being back in the theatre I knew so well, watching the young dancers and how so many of them have grown in the 9 years I've been away, recognizing costumes and choreography from when I was up there on stage...  It was all just so, so cool!  Chloe loved it too.  Her favorite dance was Waltz of the Flowers, though she was kind of head over heels for the Snow Queen too.

During intermission we went backstage so I could hug everyone and introduce Chloe.  I think Chloe was a little freaked out by all the excitement initially, but she quickly warmed up. 

Here we are with Miss Heidi, who was my instructor all those years, and her mom, Miss Cheri, who helps run the Academy, designs the costumes, and used to teach the little ones.  I've known these two ladies for as long as I can remember.  They may as well be my family.

{Sadly, this was taken before Chloe decided to warm up.  And Cheri had just come from a local Fire Department Christmas event where she played Mrs. Claus, hence the white wig.}

Then Margene, who is one of the Academy's seamstresses (and mom to a company dancer), suddenly poked her head out of the costume room.  Margene is in my home ward, and holds a very special place in my heart (and my mom's too).  She was Young Women's president when I was baptized, and was very instrumental in that whole process.  It was also around that same time that she announced she was pregnant with this sweet girl, Kimberly (and Kimberly's twin brother, Jared).  I love Margene, and was so happy to see her and Kimberly, who has grown into such a beautiful young lady and dancer.

We all got a little carried away jabbering backstage and before long the second act had started.  Chloe and I watched from side stage for a few minutes before returning to our seats.  It was all so cool, and brought back countless fond memories.  After the performance all the lead roles came out in their glittery tutu glory to greet the audience members and sign autographs.  Chloe was in absolute heaven and wanted to get a picture with each dancer.

{Waiting for the dancers and beaming with excitement and anticipation}

{Chloe with the Doll}

She pretty much couldn't get enough of the Snow Queen.

And it just so happens that this Snow Queen was once a tiny little dancer just like Chloe.  In fact, she was in one of the classes I taught at the Academy!  Crazy what a decade can do!

{Chloe stealing one last squeeze from Miss Heidi before saying goodbye}

{And here's one last shot of Chloe and me getting ready for our date}

What a neat day.  Certainly one I'll never forget.


The Barton Family said...

What a neat thing to share with your daughter! I love Chloe's smile in the picture with the doll!

paulak said...

What a great mother-daughter date.