Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas cards, Christmas cards, it's that time of year!

There are many things I love about the Christmas season.  Of those things, checking my mailbox each day to see which Christmas card is waiting to be opened has to be near the top of the list!  Not only reading updates about all of my favorite people, but seeing their pretty pictures of them looking their best - there's something simply satisfying about the whole shebang!  Then there's decorating my pantry door with said cards, hoping that by Christmas Eve the entire door is covered!  Love it all. 

Just as I love receiving Christmas cards, I love giving Christmas cards!  Each December brings that afternoon where I sit down at my computer and peruse the various photo card options online, select my favorite and submit my order!  It never gets old, and as long as I live, I will probably always mail out Christmas cards.

This year Shutterfly is offering a promotion for bloggers to receive 50 free Holiday cards.  Yes!!!  I am particularly excited about this promotion after looking through Shutterfly's 2010 Christmas card selection.  There are so many I love that it's difficult to narrow down a favorite.  I especially like this one though, and the variety of photo slots it offers:

 Aside from traditional Christmas cards, Shutterfly also provides countless other photo sharing options and gifts like personalized calendarsphoto books, and thank you cards.  Check them out!  And to find out more about Shutterfly's promotion, go HERE.

Happy Christmas card shopping/creating/giving/receiving season to all!   


sara said...

no kidding? 50 free!? i should have waited!! christmas cards are fun. this is the first year i've done one! can't wait to see yours! :)

Lawrence Clan said...

Dang.. wish I would have waited also. I was going to go with them I had the cards all picked out and ready and when I went to check out it was going to cost me like 80.00 so I went with Costco instead. Thanks for sharing.. Happy Holidays :0)

The Andersens said...

Yes! Procrastination finally pays off! We haven't ordered our cards yet. Thanks for giving into this deal and being forced to write about it on your blog. P.S. I copied like all of this on my blog.