Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A visit and 3 birthdays

It's always fun when Grandma comes to visit, especially on a week when two great milestones are taking place!  What, you ask, might those be?  Well, kindergarten for Chloe, of course.  And for Grandma Susie?  A birthday!  That's right.  On August 13th, Susie celebrated the big 5-5!  What a milestone!  She sure is youthful for being that old (HA!), despite Chloe's innocently honest remark over Sunday's dinner about all her wrinkles.

Grandma Susie, we're so glad you could come hang out with us for a week!  And we're even more glad that you chose to do so the week of your birthday!  It is rare that we get to the chance to celebrate with you and it was special for us just as we hope it was special for you!

{During an afternoon of rafting and enjoying some warm California sun.}

You are an awesome person for whom I hold high respect.  You know what you want, know how to achieve it, and don't waste any time in the process.  I also love that you are honest and direct.  One of the nights you were here, Chloe asked if you went to church and you told her you went to the same church that she does.  I loved what you said next:  "It's true, ya know."  What strength and confidence your children and grandchildren gain in hearing you share your beliefs.  I have always admired your obedient heart and love for and confidence in the gospel.  And I find it to be more comforting than ever now that Chloe is growing old enough to understand the concept of a testimony and use yours and other loved ones' as a foundation for her own.

Rafting, sugar cookie baking & frosting, swimming, shopping, bike riding, and movies... it was all a blast!  Thanks for coming to see us, and thanks for being awesome!

{Eating a special birthday breakfast cake while opening a very funny birthday card.}

We love you and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandma Jean, who celebrated on the 16th and also my father-in-law, Dave, who celebrated on the 19th. 

{LEFT to RIGHT: Uncle Don, Grandpa Don, Grandma Jean & Blake, Mom, and Dad}

I had to steal these pictures off facebook since I don't have recent pictures of either one of you. Obviously it's been too long since we hung out. Good thing Lake Powell is just around the corner!  XOXO.

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