Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Late night chat

Tonight as we were heading up to bed, I made my nightly rounds to the kids' rooms; you know, the usual: make sure they're still breathing and kiss them goodnight (yet again).  When I entered Ryan's room I noticed the cupboards attached to his dresser/changing table were wide open.  In fear that he might run into one if he happened to get up in the night, I closed them.  Just then I heard some rustling coming from his direction of the room followed by,

"Hi Mom."

"Hi buddy," I said as I knelt down beside him on the floor (where he sleeps 98% of the time). 

With his eyes still closed, he reached his arms straight out in front of him and said, "Hug", to which I quickly fulfilled his wish.  Then, only a second or two later,  "Kiss".  I again obliged.  His eyes were still closed. 

THEN, about five seconds after that, he said, "I colored on my penis."

"You what?" (I hadn't caught the "colored", only, "my penis".)  When he repeated himself and I caught on to what he was saying I started to chuckle, which made Ryan, whose eyes were still closed, chuckle too. 

"I colored on my penis," he said again, "and my tummy."  He actually did color in these places earlier this evening, hence the red marks all over his lower half (and desire, for whatever reason, to remind me).

"We don't color on our body though, do we?", I said.

"No, only on paper."  More giggles.

What a sweet little boy, and what a preciously silly (and unexpected) 11:43pm conversation he and I had.  I sure do love that kid, troublesome and all.

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Twinkies said...

That's hilarious!!!. You never know what's going to come out of their mouths.