Friday, September 3, 2010


That's a word I've become uncomfortably familiar with these last several weeks.  Waiting for our house to sell.  Waiting to hear back from the insurance company.  Waiting to see Neil again.  Waiting for our lives to not be in limbo.  Well, now I'm waiting again.  This time, at the Sacramento airport.  About a month ago, Neil and I decided to book me a flight to CA over Labor Day weekend (child free, of course).  The timing seemed perfect since he would be finishing his 3 week training in PA on the 3rd (today) and flying back to CA.  We arranged our flights as close together as possible - me arriving in Sac at 7:30pm, Neil arriving at 9pm.  Well, things ran perfectly smooth for me!  I even arrived at my gate 5 minutes early.  But Neil, not so much luck.  Due to "mechanical issues", his flight was delayed 2 hours.  I have now been sitting in the airport for 3 hours waiting to see him come down that escalator.  I keep seeing couples reunite, which is absolutely WONDERFUL, but it's making me CRAZY because I want my Neil! 

On a side note, it's awesome being in Sacramento.  The last time I was in this airport is the day my brother and I flew out (May of 2002) to help our parents move from Vacaville to Salt Lake, where they now reside.  It's crazy the things I never paid much attention to in this airport but that I am seeing and recognizing now, more than 8 years later.

THIS, for example! 

I totally remember this thing at the baggage claim!  Kind of a creatively strange structure.  Random, I know.  Sorry, I'm bored okay!?!  I am really looking forward to seeing Neil.  He is now expected to arrive at 10:49pm - that's 8 minutes away.  Here's to a short but perfect weekend getaway in sunny California!

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Nells-Bells said...

this is seriously so cool! i love it when you go to a regular old place (like the airport) and something like this tells you they don't take themselves too seriously. i hope you have an awesome weekend getaway!!