Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Look {Further} Back: July 2009

As I was selecting photos for October's post (which primarily covers a trip to Utah), I came across these photos, which were taken during another Utah trip, 3 months prior. Since I never got around to blogging about it, have a gazillion photos I'd still like to share (as you're about to see), and am playing catch up on the blog anyway, I figured why not? So, here is our July 2009 trip to Utah post, 8 months later!

To start, here's our Chloebug picking cherries at Aunt Holli's. Why I didn't get a single photo of Holli with Chloe, I don't know. Maybe next time!

Our good friends, the Goulds and Roberts just happened to be in Utah the same weekend we were. April, Leslie and I worked together in Young Women's, and were also pregnant at the same time with our girls. Brett also helped open some doors for Neil when he was pursuing a job with Eli Lilly. Our friendship with these families go back 6 years! The Goulds moved to Arizona 2 years ago, and the Roberts moved to Indiana around that same time. We've remained friends, but obviously haven't seen much of each other given the circumstances. Since we were all in the area at the same time, we planned a little play date at a park in Draper. The kids were thrilled to see each other again. It was a fun hour of catching up and exchanging hugs.

{Top left photo is of Chloe, Sydney and Alyssa, who we were pregnant with at the same time}

We were also able to see Brandon, Wendy and Chase. If you've kept up on my blog, you know my friendship with Wendy goes back to our very early days (I'm talking when I was Chloe's age!), and that there have been many parallels in our lives. Our babies, for example are just 2 weeks apart. Chloe talks about Chase all the time, and claims she is going to marry him some day (when she's a mom). Here are a handful of photos I took when we got together for a picnic one morning.

Watching the big kids play...

Look at those chubs! He has changed so much.

Darling little things they are! And rumor has it, Chase is going to be a big brother in October! :)

Neil's aunt Malinka turned 50 the week prior to our visit, and Neil's aunt Holli hosted a birthday party at her house. It was the perfect opportunity to see lots of loved ones, as much of Neil's extended family was there.

I was not thinking too clearly while carrying the camera around, and feel bad I didn't capture everyone. Sorry for those of you who were there that I missed (Carl, Holli, Curt, Blake, Jenna, Brad, Ryan... oh, and Neil). Should have gotten a big family photo! Oh well.

After Malinka's party, Neil and I drove to see the Draper Temple, which had just been dedicated. Beautiful.

We had some quality time with my family too.

The kids can never get enough of Grandpa Roy and Grandma Jill. Uncle D and Grandma Martha are also favored individuals. Thanks for your hospitality, and for spoiling our babies for a few days. We love you.

It was a busy, chaotic and wonderful trip, as they always are! I am really missing Salt Lake these days, and hoping to make it out sometime this Spring to see family again.



David Gould said...

That was lots of fun- what a good looking bunch we are- well, outside of the old guy with the Rockies shirt on!!

Brad and Courtney said...

I LOVE the picture of me and cute!!

Dawn Hudson said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun. I bet Chloe had a blast picking the cherries and I am sure eating them ;)

The Goulds said...

Seeing those pictures from the park made me smile. It's so great to know we could all just pick up where we left off. I'm thankful for the memories that we share & I'm grateful that I had you & Les to be there to cry with me as I said goodbye to my grandmother. I will always cherish that in my heart...thanks for crying with me. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

Mama/Gma Jill said...

It's so wonderful to get a post from last summer on a cold March night. So many sweet, warm memories. I loved every single picture and every single word. I'm sooo glad you got Chloe with Gma Martha, Neil and Uncle D...Gpa Roy....Chase and Chloe...the ones of Neil's family (I love the one of Courtney and Ryan too). The fireworks photo is truly spectacular! Wow! I've never seen a clearer or better photo of fireworks!
Loved everything! Thanks for bringing summer back.
You're amazing!
Love you sooo.........

Wendy said...

As always, loved all the photos. Fun memories. ;) Miss you guys!

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