Monday, December 14, 2009

Chloe's latest

Here's the post I had intended to finish on (or close to) Chloe's 4th birthday. Hey, I'm only a month behind!

Stats and shots

Chloe's 4 year check up was on November 19th, and went relatively well. This was the first time she had to have shots and was actually old enough to comprehend beforehand what was about to take place. I did what I could to prepare her the weeks leading up to the big appointment. Her cousin, Chase had shots just a few days before she did, and we talked a lot about his experience and how well he handled himself. We also went and picked out a Princess Barbie doll, and I promised her that if she was a brave girl, we would go pick up the doll after her doctor's appointment. She was surprisingly cheerful the entire day and even during her appointment. That is.. until the medical assistant walked in with the needles. Then the reality sunk in. She hadn't even been poked before she was crying. When she was actually poked with the needles, the screaming naturally intensified, but luckily only lasted a solid minute or two before she was distracted by the cool band aids on her legs. It was then that she realized she could show these band aids off, and announce to everyone that she'd endured 3 shots! I'd be willing to bet that from the time we walked out of the exam room until the time we reached the car, 12 different people were informed of her recent trauma. When we finally made it to the car, low and behold, there sat a wrapped package on her car seat from the "Shot Fairy"! And wouldn't you know it was the very Mulan doll Chloe had asked for only a few days prior. What would we moms do without all these fairies to help us out?

Current stats:
32.8 pounds (31st percentile)
38.5 inches (23rd percentile)
She may be little, but that personality of hers is of a giant's!

Little Nurturer

Chloe is such a great big sister. I'll admit she has her moments or torment and taunting, but it is so evident to me that she adores her brother like no other. Lately I've spotted her and Ryan in the living room dancing to Christmas music together. She also loves to play "Ring Around the Rosy" with him. He loves it just as much as she does, especially now that he's getting to be more stable on his feet.

When Ryan wakes up from his naps, Chloe is usually the first to hear him. Immediately following this discovery comes the question, "Can I go talk to my brother?" And moments later I hear them in his room giggling over who knows what. She's usually making him laugh in some silly way (and cracking herself up too). I really can't think of a more rewarding image or sound than to see or hear my two children enjoying one another. They are best pals, and I am grateful that Chloe plays the role of protective, encouraging and loving big sister so well.

From the mouth of...

Every single day Chloe makes me laugh out loud. And while I don't jot everything down that she says (that's a physical impossibility), I have managed to document most of the good stuff. Here's the latest.

"If the train doesn't stop, I'll just have to stay there!" (referring to the train at the pumpkin patch)

"When I was a baby, Grandma Jill was my mommy. But I wasn't there yet! I was still up in heaven! ... Did you know that?!"

After Neil referred to me as "Mommy", Chloe sharply replied, "Daddy, you do NOT call her mommy! That's NOT appropriate!"

"We'd better say another blessing 'cause the food's still hot!"

After asking Chloe for the third time to finish her lunch, she quietly said, "I'm four!" to which I replied, "And what does that have to do with anything?" Chloe's response: "Mommys can't tell four years oldses what to do!" Did anyone else miss that memo?

"So mom, how's your week doin'?"

Chloe: "Mommy, where does Santa live?"
Me: "Santa lives at the North Pole!"
Chloe: "Does he have his own room?"
Me: "My guess is yes!"
Chloe: "What does it look like?"
Me: "Well, I don't know. What do you think it looks like?"
Chloe: "I think it's pink and purple, and has ponies and hearts and diamonds in it! I really do!"

Chloe: "Can I have a brownie?"
Me: "No, because you haven't eaten any lunch yet!"
Chloe: "I don't want any lunch!"
Me: "Why don't you want lunch?"
Chloe: "Because I don't like food... ...just desserts."

She calls gobstoppers "stop whoppers", and whipping cream "whooping cream".

A mind of her own, and then some...

To say this girl has a mind of her own would be an understatement. She is constantly demanding to do things her way, and always wants to be in control. On a regular basis, she'll come marching out of her room wearing a different colored sock on each foot, up to 3 layers of shirts, and a skirt, often over her pants. If she could have it her way she would wear only skirts and dresses. She has also been known to raid my closet for treasures. Scarves, hats, shoes, you name it. The other day I walked into the office to find her at the piano wearing a pair of swimming goggles! She's too much.

She never goes a full day without pulling her hair out. On Sundays she'll sometimes make it through church, but the second she walks into the house, out come the pony tails! I keep telling her that princesses like to keep their hair in all day, but she doesn't care.

Chloe recently learned in preschool that if you fold a paper in half and and cut out a design, the end result is a piece of paper with identical sides. She has since cut out about 100 diamonds and taped several to her bedroom door, and other various places around the house. She is obsessed with diamonds! Whenever we are checking out at Costco, she requests the worker draw one on the back of our receipt. Other common requests include a happy face, a flower and, of course, a crescent moon.

Chloe never ever stops talking. Whether she's having a conversation with you face to face, saying hello to a complete stranger in a public place, talking on the phone with Grandma or singing to herself as she sits on the toilet, her mouth is always going. It's really no wonder Ryan hasn't said any words yet. She does all the talking for him!

Life would certainly not be as entertaining without this cute girl. I can't wait to see what future years bring. She's bound to do big things.



Rebekah said...

she is such a dolL!!! love all the pictures!!

Cristi said...

she's so spunky! love it!

Anonymous said...

How cute! She seems to have a big personality as an other 4 year I know.

Wendy said...

I love all that you've recorded about her. And, like Carrie, she has a big personality like another 4-year-old I know, too! What a great big sister she is to Ryan. Still can't believe how fast they are growing up...