Monday, August 24, 2009

Signing Time

We have a deaf family in our ward with a few small children. To help accommodate and make these little ones feel welcome and included, we've started incorporating a 'Signing Moment' in Primary each Sunday, where the mom of this family teaches the primary children a new sign. We just started this last Sunday, but I can already tell it's going to be an awesome thing. The kids were totally into it, and I sensed unity in the Primary room as they all watched and learned.

In the process of tossing around this 'Signing Moment' idea, it's occurred to me that I should introduce sign language to Chloe and Ryan! I never did signing with Chloe because there wasn't a need for it. Obviously that's not the only reason to sign with your child, but it just didn't really occur to me. Chloe was so vocal early on and even when she wasn't speaking, we still communicated just fine.

Well, I decided this would be the perfect time to start with Ryan, and Chloe's always open to new things. So I borrowed a handful of 'Signing Time' dvds from my friend, Tina. In the few days we've had them, it's all Chloe's wanted to watch! She's already singing along with the songs and following the signs like a pro. And I'm starting to use some of the basics with Ryan, which he's bound to pick up on eventually.

ANYWAY! Aside from this fun new educational tool, I made an interesting and ironic discovery last night. Chloe had finished the 'Move and Groove' dvd, which has won her attention over any of the others, and the credits were rolling. I was reading to her and so neither of us were really paying attention. Neil apparently was because suddenly he said, "Hey, Valeri, this may interest you!" He then grabbed the remote and rewound it back to where the musicians were listed on the credits. You probably know where this is going. That's right. Under "Saxophone", David Halliday was listed. I had to chuckle. So all this time Chloe's been learnin' and groovin' to the music of her very own Uncle D! I love it. I immediately called David to tell him how cool he was!

So if you have any of these dvds, be listening for that saxophone! It's my big brother!


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I signed with Addie because she didn't talk much till she was about 2 and a half. It helps so much for the little one to feel like they can communicate what they want or need.

Jamie Lamb said...

We have two of these DVDs and my kids love them!

Coates Family said...

We've had these DVD's for years and our kids LOVE them. They are so awesome. They have board books too! Seriously, a lifesaver. ASL has been a great tool for us to communicate with our babies way before they can do so any other way. How awesome that ya'll can use it in church.

Twinkies said...

I worked for Rachels sister Emily when she lived here in va.She is co-producer of Signing Time. SO when the twins were born she sent us the baby videos. The girls started watching it as 3 months. The knew about 40 or 50 signs by the time they were 15 months. It was a ton of fun to do with them.

Lizzie said...

how cool! kids LOVE learning sign language. mine love doing songs with hand motions :)

way to go for including this into your daily life. and bravo for the talented Sax playing bro!!

Melissa said...

we have several of these kids love them!

Nells-Bells said...

what a great idea to implement the sign in primary!! i have never used these videos but heard from friends they are awesome!!