Wednesday, January 13, 2010

14 months

Life continues to fly by in the Andersen world. Ryan's 14 months for cryin' out loud!

Here's a long overdue update:

Ryan is...

...WALKING! He took off on the 6th of December, so I guess it's old news now.

{Helping put Christmas away}

...FOLLOWING COMMANDS, and doing it quite well. Some examples include bringing me diapers when he needs to be changed, and taking the dirty diaper(s) to the garbage. He's easily done this 30 times, and it's still just absolutely adorable. Once he drops it in the can, he turns and looks at me, waiting for my recognition. Then when he gets it, he applauds his accomplishment. Last week someone, he randomly brought me a diaper. Ironically, he desperately needed to be changed. Smart little boy.

...A DANCING MACHINE! At night I sing to the kids before tucking them in, and Ryan does the same thing every time: raises his right arm straight in front of him, leans his head onto his right shoulder (don't ask, it's just what he does), and begins turning around in circles while giggling. Where he came up with such a creative technique, I haven't a clue. But it's darling. I really need to get it on video because any description, no matter how precise, could never give it justice. It is so SO hilarious. Have I mentioned I love this boy?

{Enjoying a little sunshine at the park}

...ALL BOY! Well, 95%. He loves anything on wheels and anything he can bang on or take apart and put back together. Christmas morning he was presented with way more gifts than were necessary! And all he cared about was a dinky little truck in his stocking that played 'Funky Town'. He carried that truck around with him ALL DAY LONG, bouncing up and down to the beat. Ryan also loves the TV. Over Christmas break there were a ton of Bowl games on, and each time Neil would pause the TV for whatever reason, Ryan would flip out, point at it, then look back and Neil and make this obnoxious screeching sound until Neil unpaused the game again.

{Christmas morning with his favorite toy}

I will admit he has been seen carrying around Chloe's purse, and within the last week he's been spotted a handful of times holding a baby doll, while patting its back.

Ryan has...

...8 TEETH (4 on top, 4 on bottom)! #6 came in on December 13th, #7 on Christmas day and #8 on hmm, last Friday, I think?

...LEARNED TO GIVE KISSES! He has to be in the mood, and will sometimes shake his head in refusal when asked. But when he does want to kiss, he'll open his perfect little mouth and lean straight in. Usually the combination of the tickle from his wet lips along with the nature of his style gets me giggling, which then gets Ryan giggling (and anyone else who happens to be in the room). I suppose it's one of those 'you have to be there' moments, but it's just hysterical. Sometimes he will give me a kiss, then lean in to give Neil a kiss. Then he'll move onto Chloe, then back to me, all the time uttering a "Uh? Uh? Uh?" between each peck.

...BEEN FOUND DROPPING OBJECTS AND SPLASHING AROUND IN THE TOILET, pressing buttons and adjusting the volume on the receiver, making phone calls on my cell phone, attempting to put Chloe's hair clips in his hair (or lack of, I should say), and, whenever possible, grabbing the computer mouse and carrying it off who knows where! I am also finding random objects in random places. The other day it was a potato in the coat closet. Yesterday it was baby powder and a sippy cup in the garbage.

And last night, as Neil was getting ready for bed, he asked if I had seen his alarm clock. After a quick search, it was determined that Ryan felt a more appropriate home for the alarm clock than Neil's night stand, was the bath tub! He's very creative to say the least.

...TURNED INTO MY OFFICIAL CUDDLE BUG. I know I've said it before, but he is truly the most cuddly baby I've ever seen! The other night I was awakened by his cry, and eventually stumbled to his room to see what the fuss was all about. He was standing in his crib, screaming his little eyes out over who knows what, but not a second after picking him up, he grew silent and content. Not even a whimper! You would have never known he'd been crying! I sat in the rocker and he immediately nestled his little hands between his chest and mine while resting his head on my shoulder. I don't know if he'd had a nightmare, an upset tummy, or what, but it clearly wasn't anything a little snuggling couldn't fix! I was exhausted, but just couldn't bring myself to lay him back down! He almost always rests his head on my shoulder when I go in to get him after his naps, and will sometimes come plop on my lap when he needs a break from the madness of playing, and lean back on my chest. Chloe was never much of a cuddler, so I'm soaking this up as best I can!

...STILL NOT SAID ANY WORDS, but he's babbling lots. I wonder if part of the reason he isn't talking is because Chloe does so much of it! He must not find any point in trying when Chloe can translate for him. It seems they've got it worked out pretty well. He does say "Mama" beautifully. That said, I'm content. :)

{Here he is sporting a "Santa beard", as Chloe called it}

I can't believe my boy is 14 months old, and just 4 short months away from entering Nursery! He's still such a baby to me. Must be that petite build and bald head. Oh I love him!



Rebekah said...

He's definitely a cutie!!!

Mika said...

Val you're making me super excited to see what davin will do. Ryan is adorable just like his sister. I can't believe he'll be in nursery soon either. I bet your mom is missing them like crazy.

Coates Family said...

Aubrie and Brogan have both been much later talkers than April was. Must be because April was always translating or speaking for them or speaking over them. Either way it works. And like you said, they said 'mommy' beautifully and pretty early. That was all I needed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Valeri, I needed a Ryan fix. I love the first picture with those big blue eyes. I wish I was close enough to get a kiss! At least I get to talk with my favorite Chloe on the phone!
Gma Susie

The Barton Family said...

I bet Neil loves that he is already a sports fan. Love the update, you describe him so cute!

Nells-Bells said...

love the LSU shirt on him. he is super cute!! i love it when they start to give kisses and be the tender little beings they are. it is so hard to watch them grow up and get attitudes and have to have time-outs. :(