Thursday, February 23, 2012

New nephew and a birthday wish

I've been awaitin' for Jared and Lori to hurry up and get a picture on their blog so I could steal it for this post!  Not that they've had anything better to do this week than write blog posts.

On Saturday evening, the 18th of February, 2012, a perfect little boy entered the world...

Tyler George Croft

 ...weighing a hearty 5 pounds, 14 ounces, and measuring a lengthy 19.5 inches. 

Just LOOK at this sweet, sweet family!

Jared and Lori, and "Baby Katie," who's not much of a baby anymore, we are so thrilled that Tyler has arrived, safe and sound.  I sure hope I get to hold him before he grows too much!  Congratulations!!

And on a side note, but absolutely, positively worth the mention (!!!), I would also like to wish my brother-in-law, Brad a very Happy Birthday, tomorrow!

Brad & Courtney - Lake Powell, Sept. 2011

The 24th is definitely a great day to have a birthday!  Trust me, Neil and I have years of experience behind us!  :)  Brad, we hope this is a memorable one for you!  You and Courtney have reached many well-deserved milestones this year, and have some awesome adventures ahead!  We can't wait to see what's in store for you both!  HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Man, I married into a great family.  Okay, thee end. 

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The Andersens said...

I LOVE that picture of us! (Can't wait for Susie to get home so I can get my L.P. CD.)I don't look so hot, but Brad's smile makes me weak at the knees.