Friday, June 25, 2010

3 More Reasons to Celebrate...

There are always reasons to celebrate, right?  Here are 3 for the month of June! 

#1 - my sister-in-law, Lori's birthday on the 19th, which also happens to be my Grandma Butterfield's birthday.  Lori was my first "sister", and to this day I truly consider her just that.  She has been a part of many special moments in my life, including the birth of both of my babies (no one else other than Neil can say that!).  I am grateful for the memories we've shared over the years, and for the opportunity I have had to live so close to her.  Lori is expecting a baby girl in September, and I think I just might be as excited as she is! 

{Lori and Jared in front of their new home; May 2010 - do you see the baby bump?}

Lori, I hope your birthday was awesomer than awesome!  And on a side note, Happy Birthday to Jared on March 20th (yes, 3 months ago).  I am usually really good with birthdays, but this year it went right over my head.  Sorry about that, Jared dear!  We do love you, and are so happy to have you in the family.

#2 - Father's Day!  I love Father's Day.  It's such a special time to reflect on and celebrate not only the fathers, but all the important men in our lives.  I am grateful for a father who cares so much about my happiness, and who respects me and the decisions I make.  I am grateful for a father-in-law, who from day 1, has accepted and loved me as his own blood, and who picks up the phone and calls me every now and then to catch up and see how I'm doing.  I am grateful for a brother, who will someday make an incredible father, but who in the meantime is a playful, funny and loving uncle to my children.  I am grateful for my grandfathers, who have both passed on.  Each offered wisdom, humor, experience, and a certain level of love that I am forever touched by.  I am grateful for brothers-in-law and uncles, all of whom support and love me, make me laugh, and each hold special qualities that make them the unique and wonderful men that they are. 

And last but not least, I am grateful for my husband, who takes care of me, and who fathers our children with unconditional love and dedication.  I would be lying if I said Neil always found fatherhood blissful.  But come on, what father really does?  Neil has countless fatherly qualities about him.  A few that stand out to me are as follows:

1)  He respects and stands beside me always.  When Chloe talks back or disrespects me in any way, Neil doesn't tolerate it.  Naturally she and Ryan need to respect us, but it is also important that they always see dad and mom respecting one another and working together as a team.  I am grateful that Neil shows love, affection and respect towards me so that our children see it and learn from their father's example.

2)  He plays with our children.  He throws them, swings them, shakes them, tickles them, and makes them laugh in a way that I cannot.  It's the moments when he's just gotten home from work and I hear the delightful giggles coming from our room because the kids are so excited to have Daddy home that they can't even wait for him to change out of his work clothes before they start tackling and loving on him, that I am grateful my children have both a father and mother.  We both have specific roles, and while I am certainly capable of wrestling with my children, it seems to come more naturally to Neil.   

3)  He communicates with and teaches them valuable things.  Sometimes when Neil has just gotten after Chloe for something, and he's explaining to her why she got into trouble and why whatever it is that she did is not okay, I am overwhelmed by his ability to explain things in such a precise way that Chloe can absorb every word.  He truly has a gift for breaking things down so that what he's explaining is perfectly clear.  This has applied to me hundreds of times as well, but now that Chloe is growing to understand valuable concepts and lessons, I have grown to have an even greater appreciation for this gift of Neil's.

I love Neil's cheerful nature, and how it's rubbed off on Chloe and Ryan.  They are both such happy kids, and I know that's no accident.  I am a lucky girl to have this man and so many other wonderful men in my life.  Happy belated Father's Day to all!

And #3 - Neil's new job!  After 10 solid months of pursuing new opportunities with this company, Neil's hard work has finally paid off!  He will be working as a Spinal Sales Consultant in Stockton/Modesto, CA.  He has had his heart set on medical device sales for years now, and so this is truly a dream come true for him.  There is a lot potential for the territory he'll be covering, and if anyone knows Neil, it goes without saying that he'll get in there and make a difference fast!  He's such a go getter, and I am so so proud of him.

Unfortunately the company does not offer a relocation package for new hires.  Neil's start date is July 6th, but I won't be able to join him in California until our house sells.  We are hoping for a miracle, but with today's market, it's impossible to predict a time frame.  In the meantime, he has a room for rent waiting for him in Ripon, which is right smack between Stockon and Modesto.  I am planning to spend a good chunk of July visiting my family in UT.  Why not?  I have the time, and it'll make showing the house that much easier if we aren't around.

The month of June has been one of the craziest months of our lives.  Between receiving the job offer and making all the needed purchases/adjustments, to getting our house on the market, not to mention all the other things that life has thrown at us, we've had our work cut out for us.  Because a company car will not be provided, one of our first purchases was a new car for Neil.   

A 2009 Volkswagen Jetter TDI. This baby gets 45 miles to the gallon! It's a good thing with how much time Neil will be spending in it!

I think he's happy. That makes me happy.  Man, I'm gonna miss that cute smile.  I mean, really!  Who could resist that!?

I am feeling a lot of anxiety over the unknowns of our future, but I know everything will work out just as it's supposed to. I keep telling myself that it's time to grow. It certainly is. It certainly is.


Jamie said...

Good luck with the new job and relocation! I hope your house sells fast. I think Utah vacation is a great idea!

The Andersens said...

It looks like Neil's finally coming out of the closet ... except it's a trunk.


Becki Madsen said...

I agree with all of the June celebrations-it's a great month! Good luck with all of the change that life has awaiting for you!

Courtney said...

Good luck with everything, how exciting and nerve racking. Hope your house sells fast.

Cumorah said...

Good luck on your house! We'll miss you here - but Ripon is great! We have visited our friends who live there, and really liked it.

Shauna_Rae said...

I just noticed Cumorah's comment, how fun you know her too! Its always a small world in the church.

I have a question for you. What made you upgrade your camera from the Nikon D90? I'm kind thinking about changing what I have.

ALSO, I'm sad that you are moving since I just met you!!!

Nells-Bells said...

good luck with everything! i can't even imagine having to stay behind and settle things. i LOVE his new car. we are in need of another and this is definitely worth looking into. :)