Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A solution to an indulgence

I really hate spending money on frivolous things.  And I especially hate the guilt that consumes me after I've given in and done it.  Food is the worst!  Do you ever find yourself out and about and pass that fast food restaurant that has your favorite such and such?  Or walking through the mall just long enough to catch a whiff of something that suddenly convinces you that whatever it is would really hit the spot?  You want it so badly, yet the pleasure only lasts as long as it takes to eat it.  And then you're $XX.XX poorer and feeling guilty that you gave into such an impulse.  Starbucks' Caramel Apple Spice is and has been my greatest weaknesses for months.  And especially this time of year when it flows with the season. 

Well, this morning I had a brilliant thought.  I actually have a lot of brilliant thoughts, but this just may have exceeded any brilliant thought I've ever had.  Rather than investing more mullah into this [ridiculously delicious] beverage, what if I just figured out how to make it myself?  Couldn't be too difficult, right?

RIGHT, actually

After checking around online, I found what looked like a legitimate recipe.  For anyone else who enjoys this stuff as much as I do, you know that warm cinammony taste of heaven I speak of.  And if you've attempted to make it yourself, you also know it's close to impossible.  Sure, any apple cider is good.  But there's a key ingredient that makes this stand above all the other apple ciders out there.  And until today, I didn't know what that ingredient was.

So are you ready?  Starbucks' very own Cinnamon Dolce Syrup.  I called the Starbucks here in Ripon to see if they sold it by the bottle, and you wouldn't believe it, but they do! 

So what did I do?  Well, I drove myself right over there and bought me some!

For only $7.95!

Here are the other ingredients needed to finish the job: 

Starbucks uses Tree Top Apple Juice, but Langers is what I had on hand.  I'm sure they also use their own special caramel sauce, but Smucker's does the trick just fine!  So for 1 cup apple juice, I added 3 teaspoons of cinnamon syrup.  Then on went the whipped cream, drizzled caramel sauce, and a perfect sprinkle of cinnamon.  It tastes EXACTLY like the real thing, but doesn't cost you the drive to Starbucks, time waiting in line, or 3 bucks out of your pocket.

Wanna come over and have some?


Natalie said...

Why yes, yes I do! What day should I stop by?

Kelly Stoddart said...

sounds delicious!! Too bad the nearest Starbucks is two hours away....but I may have to make a point of going there next time I am around one!

Coates Family said...

Awesome! I will have to try it. Funny though, because I have the same type of weakness related to Starbucks...Hazelnut hot chocolate. We buy their bottles of hazelnut syrup every year! Hits the spot...every night!

Unknown said...

That sounds soooo yummy right now on this cold night. I think I will have to try your little recipe over the weekend!

The Barton Family said...

Mmmmm, yes please!! I love that drink. I have tried to make it at home, thank you for clearing up what I have been missing. Also, I was catching up onyour blog and your new house is SO CUTE!!

Sara said...

that stuff is incredible. i am definitely going to have to try this. hope you guys are enjoying your new home. it is beautiful!